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Metal flashing and metal cap are important components used to protect stucco walls and other building exteriors from moisture intrusion and damage. They play crucial roles in maintaining the integrity of the stucco system by directing water away from vulnerable areas and preventing water penetration.

Here's how metal flashing and metal cap function in relation to stucco walls

Metal Flashing
Window and Door Flashing: Metal flashing is commonly installed around windows and doors. It is a thin, flat metal sheet that is integrated into the stucco system. The purpose of window and door flashing is to create a watertight seal and prevent water from infiltrating the wall cavity.

Flashing Details: Flashing is applied in a way that overlaps the stucco and diverts water away from the vulnerable areas. Properly installed flashing is usually concealed beneath the stucco finish, so it doesn't disrupt the appearance of the wall.

Moisture Barrier: Flashing acts as a moisture barrier, directing any water that penetrates the stucco or the surrounding areas outward and preventing it from seeping into the wall assembly.
Prevents Damage: Without proper flashing, water can infiltrate the wall, potentially causing structural damage, rot, mold, and interior water leaks. Flashing helps protect the building from these issues.

Metal Cap
Roof-to-Wall Junction: Metal cap, often referred to as coping or coping cap, is used at the top of parapet walls or where a roof meets a vertical wall. It covers the joint between the roof and the stucco wall to prevent water from getting into this vulnerable area.

Sealing Against Moisture: Metal caps are designed to shed water away from the top of the wall and prevent moisture from seeping down into the wall structure. They effectively seal this junction to avoid water infiltration.
Durability: Metal caps are typically made from durable materials like aluminum or stainless steel, which can withstand exposure to the elements and resist corrosion.

Aesthetic Enhancement: In addition to its functional role, metal cap can also enhance the appearance of the wall by providing a finished and clean edge to the parapet or roof-to-wall junction.

In summary, metal flashing and metal cap are vital components of a well-constructed stucco system. They serve as protective barriers against water intrusion, which can be especially important in regions with high rainfall or where moisture-related issues are a concern. Proper installation of these components is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of the stucco walls and the overall building envelope.

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